16 Seater Minibus Hire

16 seater minibus hireCoach Transport Grouplook to provide some of the best vehicles around when it comes to supplying our clients with exactly what they need for their journey. Our 16 seater minibus hire service enables clients looking to transport reasonably small groups of people to a variety of different destinations or events. The 16 seater minibus we provide is available in three different classes. Standard class is the best choice for sporting away days or getting groups of school children from one place to another with ease. The executive class looks to focus on professionalism and is an ideal vehicle for corporate meetings that require a presentable attitude. Thirdly, our luxury minibuses offer a wide range of glamorous features that are perfect for those looking to experience the heights of luxury travel.

Our standard 16 seater minibuses are perfect for passengers who make getting from A to B their top priority. In most cases, we recommend this particular form of service to schools or sporting clubs that need to transport a group of children or sports players to their destination. The benefits of a 16 seater minibus is the added space you may require to carry a few extra materials for the sports event coming up, whilst also keeping everyone feeling comfortable and relaxed in preparation for the game.

Our executive minibuses are an excellent choice for clients who want to travel in a reasonably smart, relaxed and professional atmosphere. They are the perfect option for clients who are traveling to a corporate event, business meeting or important family occasion as they encourage a highly professional attitude and the service itself is adequate for any client looking to arrive swiftly and smartly.

The luxury option we provide with our 16 seater minibuses is the perfect choice for a client who wants to enjoy the pleasures of luxury travel, whether it’s for a one-off social event such as a night out or a journey to a desirable restaurant or entertainment location, similarly to executive travel. Luxury minibuses provide entertainment for the passengers, with DVD players available to use and full air conditioning, a kitchen area and a toilet/washroom all included.

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Coach Transport Groupare proud to offer a wide selection of minibus vehicles to our clients, with our buses capable of providing the right service for a number of different preferences. If you are searching for a coach broker and would like to enquire about our 16 seater minibus hire service for your next journey in the UK or in Europe, we would love to hear from you, so get in touch today.